Designer Exchange Instalment Plan Terms And Conditions

At Designer Exchange, we want this scheme to work for you. 

That is the entire reason that we do what we do, for you.

For that reason, we need to have some gentle terms and conditions to go along with our amazingly popular Instalment plans.

The number one thing to remember is to talk to us. If you need assistance with your instalment plan or have questions or concerns, simply call us on 01 6128080 or email us at for the attention of Suzanne.

Here are some guidelines to help you along:

1. We ask for a 30% payment up front and this is considered your first instalment.

2. You have a maximum of 12 weeks to pay the balance and we may email or call you along the way as a gentle reminder. (Please note, we can negotiate extensions to the plan during the plan so please do not be afraid to contact us to discuss at any time)

3. We ask that you pay your instalments to Designer Exchange; by Bank Transfer wherever possible and clearly mark in the reference box, your name so we can track payments.Your first instalment however, must be done over the phone or instore. 

4. Designer Exchange do not charge interest on this scheme.

5. In the event that you have failed to contact us or make a payment on your item, it may be offered back out for sale to another customer. Please understand that we are an independent company and to have an item "off sale" for a long period of time without payments is damaging to us. 

6. If you decide to cancel your deposit within 7 days of placing it, we will refund it entirely. This refund will be issued in the exact manner that it was made. For example if you paid cash, you will receive a cash refund. If you placed your order by card, you will have it refunded to that exact card. If by Bank Transfer, then by bank transfer. If you have traded an item to us as your deposit, your refund will be issued as a gift card for use against any other item in store.

7. If you decide to cancel your deposit outside of the seven day period, we will be forced to retain 20% of your initial deposit. This is extremely important to note, as this is non negotiable. For example if your deposit was €100, we would refund €80. 

8. If your item is a high demand item, (this will be advised to you in store), and you cannot complete your instalment plan as agreed but want to leave the deposit active for the next time this item becomes available, that is no issue at all. But we will need to release your item to the next person in the queue.

9. Please note that by making your first instalment, it is implied that you have agreed to these terms and conditions from Designer Exchange.