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  • The Most Iconic Gucci Bags of Each Era

    The history of fashion houses are often surpassed by their reigning creative director's vision. This can be a saving grace or a calamity for the heritage of the brand, Balenciaga being a prime example of the latter. Gucci is an Italian luxury house rebelling against this with a histor...

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  • Investing in Accessories

    With fashion's eruption across digital platforms, every social media post is seemingly an invitation to buy. Even the most trend conscious of us risk temptation everyday. One moment it’s your indie-sleaze era and the next you find yourself searching “Blokette” on Depop, two chronically online words for your day... 

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    February is the season graced with the spectacle of Fashion Week, namely the Fall/Winter collections. Not only is this a time for creatives to display their talent, but avid buyers of the luxury houses get a glimpse into the up-and-coming trends for the following year. 

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