What's A Classic Mulberry Bag? The Bayswater

Innovative, staunch, and timeless, in the last 50 years Mulberry has defined itself as a leading luxury brand. In this time, the British fashion house is accredited to an array of defining moments in fashion history, including its fair share of “it bags.” The brand, which began as a family backed endeavour, has prevailed in the world of leather goods and is now a wish-list achievement for many bag lovers. If you aren’t a proud owner of one of these cult status bags and wish to invest, look no further as up next is our favourite classic Mulberry bag. 

Mulberry Bayswater
There are many controversial and contrasting opinions in the fashion world, yet the Bayswater being the quintessential Mulberry bag, is undisputed. First introduced by former design director Nicolas Knightly in 2003, the bag became an instant icon garnering a waitlist mere weeks after its debut. The versatile and eye-catching design was seemingly a product of Knightly’s unassuming muse, Princess Anne. Now known as the Heritage Bayswater after current design director Johnny Coca's redesign in 2016. 
Since the ground-breaking 2003 design, there has been a plethora of celebrities spotted, sporting the iconic top-handle design. As seen on Kate Moss, Emma Roberts, Meghan Markle, Blake Lively, Alexa Chung, all pictured below and many more who helped in taking it to icon status. The Bayswater’s success then insured the future of the British heritage brand’s next bag, the Alexa. 
Kate Moss
Kate Moss
Emma Roberts
Megan Markle
Blake Lively
Alexa Chung
The staple piece is available in a range of different colours and styles, and has appeared to hold its value as time passes, both in terms of durability and as an investment. So assuming you’re now convinced and are ready to take the plunge and purchase your new (or preloved) Mulberry, below are some ways to style the beloved Bayswater’s that are in stock in Designer Exchange.
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