Upcoming Handbag Trends For 2024

Upcoming Handbag Trends For 2024


As a new year unfolds, brands traditionally inundate us with trends and products that embody a “New Year, New Me” mindset, preying on consumers lingering uncertainty of what the next year is to hold, particularly in the ever-changing climate of the fashion sphere. However, this year many luxury brands are opting to turn back the clocks and revisit the past as they unveil collections that celebrate past eras. Today we delve deeper into the handbags at the forefront of this reintroduction and revival craze and explore the preloved ways of acquiring these trends. 


As part of the Louis Vuitton Remix Collection the brand's popular Monogram Vernis print, which first debuted in 2000 under creative director Marc Jacobs, has been reintroduced. The brand is paying homage to the Y2K craze and to the archival pieces from the brand's vivid and glamorous past. Sported in a vibrant campaign by celebrities like Shay Mitchell and Phoebe Dynevor the classic print has been reintroduced on fan favourite bags such as the Twist and Capucine, as well as on classic designs from the 2000’s like the Lexington Pouch and the Reade.



On January 23rd Balenciaga launched its newest campaign entitled “Balenciaga Closet Campaign”. The campaign featured celebrities and influencers, most notable of whom being the brand's newest ambassador Kim Kardashian, in closet settings surrounded by an array of Balenciaga bags “designed to exhibit an archive of the owner’s coveted personal objects.” The campaign gave light to and celebrated the relaunch of the brands iconic “Le City” bag which heavily took inspiration from the design of the vintage le city bag, first launched in 2000, with archival features such as large studs, laced zipper pulls and lacquered leather handles and straps. The campaign also showcased more recent Balenciaga signature classics like the Hourglass and Le Cagole bags, with release years of 2019 and 2021. 




The saddle bag made its first appearance in 1999 in Dior's spring/summer 2000 ready-to-wear show by John Galliano. The saddle bag has both regained and maintained popularity since being relaunched in 2018 and now as part of the brands Cruise 2024 collection the Dior Saddle Shoulder Pouch has been reintroduced. This is the first time the single shoulder pouch version of the saddle bag has been reintroduced and it is sure to add to the continuous wave of saddle bag popularity especially since there are so many vintage options available on the preloved market. Currently being sold in five colours, the vintage saddle shoulder pouch boasted being the prime focus of various infamous Dior collections such as the Hardcore and Speedway collection from the early 2000’s. 



Amidst the uncertainty of a new year in the fashion world, solace can be discovered in the return of familiar favourites from the past. It is especially satisfactory when we can acquire the original vintage pieces that have influenced the current collections we see today, whilst avoiding the luxury price tags of 2024 by purchasing them preloved with Designer Exchange. 



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