Is your Chanel worth more now than you originally paid for it?


Not only is the Chanel Classic Flap a beautiful handbag to carry but it is also an investment piece that is continuously rising in value. If you are lucky enough  to have one you bought a number of years ago you may actually be able to sell it to us for more than you originally paid for it. 

Back in 2010 the Medium Classic Flap retailed for €2,400. Now, 10 years later it retails for an outstanding €6,050. That's an increase of €3,650. Crazy, right?

You may have one even older than that. Back in 1990 the same bag retailed for an incredible €900. Imagine being able to get your hands on one for that price now, it's unheard of! 

See below how much the other sizes are retailing for now!

Trying to justify your purchase to your other half? Just show them these price increases and they may understand a little better!!

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You could earn some extra cash in time for Christmas! Or credit for your next pre loved purchase!