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Authenticity is our number one priority!

It is the first question that should be asked and the first question we answer.

Knowing that you have an authentic designer handbag on your arm is one of the best feelings you can have. We promise the authenticity of every single item we sell. We do not expect you to buy anything that we are doubtful of, and we would never attempt to sell it to you. Our business is based on integrity and trust and we will never compromise on either.



Our in house professionals authenticate every item that comes through our doors. We have a rigorous checklist in place for each designer, some with more details to check for than others. If any item does not entirely pass through our checklist, it simply does not come in. At Designer Exchange, we issue a certificate of authenticity with every piece.


We also use an authentication software called Entrupy. Entrupy is the worlds first authentication solution for designer handbags. Entrupy is powered by artificial intelligence where they have built a complex detection algorithm that deciphers the replicas from the real thing. 

Entrupy supports the following brands for authentication:



Louis Vuitton






Bottega Veneta

Saint Laurent








Salvatore Ferragamo


Christian Louboutin

Dolce & Gabbana

Please note not all brands listed are part of our buying list- see more details.

More details on Entrupy here



We respect the designers thoroughly, as without their amazing product, we would have no business and wouldn't be able to pass on the same opportunities to you.

Should you have any further questions on our authenticity promise, please email, Buying And Concierge Department Manager.


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