Designer Exchange was founded by the drive for sustainability. The ethics of the business are deeply ingrained in a passion for a better future.


Inherently, the circular fashion economy is the most conscious way to shop in the 21st century. By participating in the preloved market, the difference made to the benefit of the planet is undeniable and a driving factor for change within the  industry. The focus for Designer Exchange is not only to be sustainable by partaking in the preloved industry, but to provide sustainability within all areas of the business. 


In the future our promise is to continue to invest and dedicate time to be as environmentally conscious as possible. To place humility and commitment at the forefront of our journey. In doing so we will always welcome suggestions and innovations to further our sustainability practices. If you feel strongly and would like to contribute to this, please feel free to get in contact.  


We take pride in knowing that we have made a change and by shopping with us, you should too.

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