FAQ’s For Our Customers During Covid 19 Closures


Q: Is your store open?

A: Unfortunately we made the decision to close our public facing side of the business to reduce the risk to both staff and customers and the greater public. This was not an easy decision as being a small business, this will have an enormous financial impact on us. But it quite simply was the right thing to do. Our store at 35 Exchequer Street will remain closed until further notice and our staff have been contacted and will be taken care of.

Q: Can I still place an online order?

A: Yes, absolutely. Our online store is open 24/7 and has a massive range of items to suit any and all budgets. We are also donating your €5 shipping fee to the Irish Cancer Society until March 28th to help them fund raise due to the cancellation of Daffodil day and their on street collections.

Q: Will my order be sent by courier or can it be collected from store?

A: At the moment we recommend that all orders are shipped as the whole point of us closing is to encourage people from coming to the city centre. As long as DPD couriers can deliver items without further updates, we will get your item or items to you. Your shipping fee will be donated to the Irish Cancer Society.

Q: I Have on online lay buy order, can I pay it off early and have it delivered?

A: Yes of course. Simply email onlineteam@designerexchange.ie asking for a buy now link to be sent and we will arrange all for you.

Q: I have a deposit on an item in your store, how can I pay an installment?

A: All of our phones are diverted to our mobiles, so we can easily take a secure phone payment from you to add to our clear your deposit. We can then arrange shipping of the item to you. Call us on 015340172 016128080 or 014308180.

Q: I have some items I would like to trade, how can I get them to you?

A: We think it would be irresponsible to ask you to come to us by appointment or otherwise. We recommend that you contact us through social media or by phone and let us know the type/brand of items you are trading/selling. We can then send our partners at DPD Ireland to you to collect, free of charge. Note that we always operate this service, not just during the current events. Once we receive the item or items, we will endeavour to be back to you with a quote within 24 hours.

Independent small businesses like ourselves need as much support as we can get at the moment. Please consider shopping independent and local during this time.

If you have any further questions, please press the “Ask” button at the bottom of this page and we will endeavour to get back to you quickly. You can also call us on 016128080, 015340172 or 014308180 during office hours only. Our email address is info@designerexchange.ie


Please stay safe and listen to the advice of professionals and not the silly rumours circulated by Whatsapp groups etc.