LoveLift By Holly Carpenter

Welcome to Love Lift
Ireland's newest jewellery range

Lovelift is a brand created by Holly Carpenter that represents love, support & positive energy. Whether you’re treating yourself to a beautiful necklace or surprising a friend with a gorgeous bangle, the LoveLift collection is there to make people feel special. Each carefully selected message on the packaging promotes positivity, self love & empowerment.

All of the key elements of the LoveLift brand have been influenced by Holly’s loves and passions. The Dalmatian print on the packaging was an idea drawn from Holly’s love of dogs and the logo of the brand is Holly’s hot air balloon tattoo she has on her left wrist.

The LoveLift range consists of fine jewellery in both premium silver & rose gold plating. Cubic Zirconia stones are used for added quality & detail, and all items are individually packed on a greeting card with an inspirational quote.