Louis Vuitton Takashi Murakami Multicolour Collection

In 2003, Marc Jacobs continued to bring on board collaborators to work with his vision for the Louis Vuitton brand. As creative director, he had already brought the likes of graffiti artist Stephen Sprouse on board and would soon bring the "rephotographer" Richard Prince into the fold too. Each collaborator brought a different approach to playing with Louis Vuitton's traditional monogram canvas and leathers. 

All of the above almost split Louis Vuitton's fan base down the middle, with some saying it was a breath of fresh air, whilst others felt it was sacrilege to play with the heritage of the brand.

The collections were extremely popular and brought Louis Vuitton into the creative future, binding their craftsmanship with popular culture. Although polarizing for some, it created hype and discussion and was a huge success for the brand.

As these collections were discontinued, they became hard to find and even more popular than ever. Some selling for more than Louis Vuitton ever priced them, in the resale market.

The Takashi Murakami collection was certainly the most playful and striking of the collaborations and we are delighted to have this vibrant and fun range in stock now.

(Some of the Murakami collection has now been reissued by Louis Vuitton!)


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