Why you should have this classic Chanel in your life, from Designer Exchange

At Designer Exchange, we love Chanel. And the vast majority of you do too. We get it. It's a love affair, it's a passion, it's the kind of thing in life that makes your heart flutter. Some have likened it to the start of a new relationship with someone you are totally besotted with and want to spend every waking minute of the day with. Some have likened it to the arrival of your first born....maybe a little extreme but we know where you are coming from. 

Its the moment you untie the ribbon, the folding out of the bottom flap of the box, the careful removal of the top layer of tissue paper, the delicate slide of your new bag out from its Coco Chanel adorned white dust bag. The wow feeling as the light of your new purchase beams back at you almost reaching out to embrace you first. But that pleasure is all yours. You've bought it and you deserve it. Partners listen! Imagine supplying that feeling to your loved one this Christmas?

Now lets talk a little bit about the maths of this scenario, which applies to most Chanel items in the pre loved industry. Some arrive in brand new condition, (like this one) and some arrive with various signs of use. Our pricing depends on those factors. We have to show you value and we have to give the person selling the piece to us some value too, the best value in Ireland in fact! And at Designer Exchange, we pride ourselves on it. To use this Chanel Medium Double Flap Pink in Lambskin Leather as an example, you will find that buying it brand new from Chanel it is €4260 (a huge jump on its approximate selling price of €1600 10 years ago!). You can buy it from us for €3795 which represents a saving of €465. Let's be very clear, we don't mess about when it comes to describing condition......this beauty is brand new. You could give the extra €465 to Chanel, but why would you? This has EVERYTHING with it! It's as if the Chanel staff were handing it over themselves! 

And as if all of that wasn't good enough on its own, at Designer Exchange Dublin, we will guarantee to buy this little piece of heaven back from you if you decide to ever part with it! Maybe you will want to change the size, colour, brand. Whatever the reason, you are not saying goodbye to all that cash. As long as you look after it, it is always worth the lions share of what you paid while it lives with you! 

Another very valid point to discuss! Part Exchange! Have you ever walked into Chanel or any other boutique and had the option to part exchange your items against theirs? No? Thought not. But that's what we specialise in! We not only make this service available to you, we depend on it! It doesn't matter if you are trading something valued at €50 or €5000, we want it and the result is that it will bring the cost of this piece down even further for you!

Lets talk instalments! Let's talk interest free instalments! Now try getting your credit card company, bank or Chanel to do that!! Well we are the pioneers of it in this industry. Pay a 30% deposit and clear the balance over 12 weeks. It really is that simple. 348 individual items in our stock room being paid off by ladies in time for Christmas should encourage you that this is extremely popular and we are delighted to offer this service! We are all about YOU getting what YOU want!! 

So the long and the short of this long ramble by a fellow handbag obsessor...(not a word), is that €465 is always better in your pocket especially when you're buying from a designer who not only never goes into sale, but INCREASES prices almost yearly! 

I've only started working here (how can anyone actually work here, i know) in the last 2 months, and i have seen the joy on the many faces of happy ladies who avail of what we do. And i like it. No, i love it! this is win/win retail and that doesn't come along too often! 

Here's to an eternity of happiness! Now go and buy Chanel! :)

Thanks for reading!!



“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”

Coco Chanel.