Welcome To Designer Exchange

Firstly, welcome to Designer Exchange Dublin.

If you clicked through from Facebook or Instagram, you have shown interest in what we do, so let's explain it all. 

We are Ireland's only dedicated stockist of pre loved designer handbags and accessories. We specialize in authentic luxury brands all the way from DKNY, Michael Kors through Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermes. We have an unrivaled level of designer items in stock always, and an amazing variety across the board. Most recently we have had a customer call us "Little Brown Thomas", which we are quite pleased about. 

Designer Exchange opened it's doors in October of 2012 and we have gone from strength to strength ever since. Our concept is loved by customers far and wide and suits every budget whether you are buying immediately, part exchanging or availing of our interest free installment plans!

But what is a concept without you lovely people? Well, it is nothing. You have to embrace it for it to be a success for both you and us alike. And boy have you!! 

You found it in your hearts to vote Designer Exchange as "Best Shop In Dublin 2016" at 98fm's Best Of Dublin awards 2016 and that is some achievement for a small independent store. And make no mistake, that is what we are. We are proudly independent, proudly organic, proudly Irish owned and one of a limited amounts of successful start ups during probably the toughest trading climate for retail in decades. And that success, whilst driven by an amazing store team, has come from you.......our amazing customer. Thank you so much for your support so far and we look forward to getting even better with you by our side. 

The Designer Exchange Dublin store team collect the 2016 award for Best Shop In Dublin.

So....what do we do? Lets get to the bones of it. 

You love designer handbags and accessories but you don't necessarily like the price tag. We get it. Neither do we. You may have missed out on a particular piece that was either a limited edition or is simply not available anymore. We cover all these bases!!

  • You can buy items outright from us. That's important to note as some customers believe that they have to part  exchange. You don't. But we encourage you to! When you buy from us, you save between 20 and 80% on RRP, depending on the brand and condition of the item. All items are individually graded from
  • A (Heavily used)
  • A+ (Showing various signs of use)
  • AA (Very good pre loved condition with minor signs of wear)
  • AA+ (Excellent pre loved condition with minimal signs of use) 
  • AAA (Pristine)

You can part exchange at Designer Exchange!

Of course you can, it is the core of what we do. You may have bought something on impulse that simply has not worked out for you and maybe you love something else more. You may have been given a gift that just wasn't you and now it can be the gift that keeps giving. You may simply have your head turned by a new item that we have, or Brown Thomas have. Either way, the solution is to part exchange! You can either decide to take our part exchange quote and get great value against our stock or our buyout quote and take it to Brown Thomas or wherever and get your new bag or accessory! Just remember that you can eventually part exchange or sell that new item back to us meaning it always has value!!


How the process works:

Call in or email us, or call us, or message us through Facebook. Whatever works for you. Let us know what you have and want to sell/exchange. On receipt of your items, we endeavor to be back to you with a quote within 48 hours. During this time we will be busy authenticating, quality checking and valuing your items.

Once that phase is complete, we will call you and make you an offer in 3 different ways.

1. Buyout. Plain and simple, we agree a price with you for your items and you receive a cheque or bank transfer to that amount. This is transferred within 7 days of the agreement being made.

2. Exchange Credit. This is a slightly higher value than the buyout amount but allows you greater value as credit against an item that we have in stock. Get what you want, trade what you don't! 

3. Consignment. This is an option to leave the item on sale with us at an agreed price which is generally more than option 1 and 2. You receive payment 14 days after the item sells. This will get you a greater amount but you will have to wait for it to sell. 


This is the clever way to get what you want and you'll be in great company, joining over five thousand individual part exchangers and consignors! 

If you have any questions on the above, then don't hesitate to let us know.

And remember, if you are thinking about letting something go......it's already gone!!