Rare or hard to find. Is there a difference?

Marc Jacobs brought us some huge collaborations with a variety of different artists and photographers that he thought would bring a fresh, funky and vibrant appeal to the brand. You may consider it genius or the actions of a madman, after all, why fix what certainly isn't broken. Jacobs wasn't trying to reinvent the wheel. Merely offering option to an increasingly discerning customer base, do we churn out the same over and over again, or do we liven things up a little. The collaborations sent shockwaves through the LV world and beyond. What would Louis, Henri and Gaston think of this? What would Coco Chanel think? I mean she pushed the boundaries sometimes in a more conservative time. She was an LV lover! One thing is for certain, the collaborations certainly got people talking. And for gigantic companies like LVMH, in an increasingly competitive marketplace, that was a necessity!

Marc Jacobs (Creative Director, Louis Vuitton 1997 to 2014)

But lets not get away from what we came here for. Lets talk about rare. These pieces are rare. There is no better word. The Richard Prince collection sold out in all LV stores worldwide and was not replenished. At Designer Exchange, we know that if we had 5 Aquarelle (Watercolour) Speedy's in stock today, well, we wouldn't have any left. They would outsell the Takashi Murakami range if they had the same availability. 

Richard Prince, the photographer made famous by the "rephotograph", came on board for Jacobs in 2008 to create the Aquarelle range. This piece here is the Jamais Marron and features, well, a lot of features. Ample space for the most demanding of days, but lets face it, this is not an every day bag. This is the special one that comes out when you want a little more fun in your day. Mesh goldtone metal straps that feel almost springlike, give a slightly industrial feel, while the soft tan leather adds the class you expect of LV, and the Aquarelle monogram meaning even the most educated of LV fans will give it a second look! And most probably, an admiring look.

At Designer Exchange Dublin, we have this beauty available today with a whopping €500 shaved from its price. Foe €995 you get a piece of LV modern history, a collection that won't be repeated and will hold it s value and then some.

Have your fun with it and be safe in the knowledge that we will guarantee you a buy back price on it!

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