Did you just spend money on a handbag? Well you actually didn't spend as much as you think.....

We have all been there....

We arrive at our chosen destination of shopping and self reward....and so you should. But you might feel that you are spending too much and may never see the money spent again!

Well that's just not true. Gone are the days when you would drop anything from €100 to €10,000 on your luxury piece and wave goodbye to it forever! 

Let's explain what we mean in more detail. 

Let's imagine you have never heard of Designer Exchange and what we do. Let's transport you to the sales counter of Louis Vuitton, Brown Thomas, Dublin. You are standing in front of one of their wonderful staff, after being guided through all of the features of your new purchase and they begin packaging your beautiful piece. You pop your pin into the card machine and whoosh!! It's bought and paid for and you get the happy warm feeling of owning what you dreamed of and what you deserve. You leave with a glorious smile and look forward to enjoying your purchase. We would all be liars if we didn't admit that little feeling of buyers remorse that we get from time to time. Why? Because we all feel it, it's only natural. We as people never give ourselves enough credit or reward. You work hard.....you live well, you're friendly and help others. You bloody well deserve it and let that be the end of it! 


You fast forward six months, maybe a year. Oh dear. Something else has turned your head, and you realize that the purchase you made months ago is being used less and less but is still in wonderful condition. You could go and load up the credit card again, spend some savings and reward yourself.....you really could. 

Or you could, no forget that, you should avail of the more clever option. We here at Designer Exchange Dublin want to buy your bag from you. And it doesn't matter if you are taking that money and going again to Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes, Michael Kors, Prada, Gucci or whoever. We will help you raise the funds to get what you really want! Because guess what? Your new purchase will make it's way back to us again and that's what we depend on! You get what you want, we get what we need and the person who buys your preloved item from us gets what they dreamed of! It is a beautiful scenario where everybody is left with a beaming smile!

So the moral of this story is......

Your handbag is currency towards your next purchase. It can be enjoyed by you while you own it, used by you to get another and enjoyed by someone else at the end of all that! 

 We always talk about the cost of owning something...a simple calculation that goes like this:

The price you paid - the trade in price you received divided by the length of time you have owned it! 

Remember, the trick is not to own all of the toys in the world.....it's to play with all of them!

Before you buy a new bag...or a pre loved bag, come see us at Designer Exchange first!

So contact Designer Exchange Dublin today at our wonderful store located between Caluccio's restaurant and Starbucks at Dawson Street,Dublin 2.

By phone at 01 6128080

Email info@designerexchange.ie