The Famous Instalment Scheme, from Designer Exchange Dublin!

Ok, we get many queries about our fabulous instalment scheme and how it works, mainly because a lot of you think it is too good to be true.

Have you ever walked into a Louis Vuitton store and said to the Sales Assistant: "I want to pay 30% of the price of this bag and pay the rest over 8, 10 or 12 weeks"??

Probably not. and if you did, they probably told you in the nicest way possible, "Sorry, we don't provide that service."

Well here at Designer Exchange, Ireland's only dedicated designer handbag and accessory store, that is exactly what we do! We operate a "Can do" policy on all items! And we are delighted to do it too!

In 2015, over 400 of you availed of this service, meaning over 400 of you were able to get the bag of your dreams without the upfront bombardment of your purse! And guess what? So far in 2016 over 300 of you have availed of this service, meaning it is simply becoming the most popular way to buy your new pre loved designer piece! 

Here's how it works!

1. You stop drooling over the item in our store, on our website, or on Facebook, Instagram etc.

2. You come around from your daze and decide you have to have it. 

3. You can't currently afford the asking price, and you wonder what to do.

4. You are clever, you have read this blog post and you realise there is an option!

5. You phone/email/message/send carrier pidgeon to our store and tell us, (try to be calm, though we understand) "I want that bag and i want it on instalments!!!"

6. We take a 30% payment upfront from you, and arrange the number of weeks to pay.(up to 12 weeks allowed, but this can vary depending on the item, after all, this whole scheme is based around what is important to you!!)

7. We set you up with a deposit tracker, which we can email to you, so we can both be up to speed as to how much is paid and how much time is left to pay it off.

8. You follow the payment plan and receive your beautiful item, delivered to your door, with authenticity certificate etc, when the final payment is made. (Items can of course be collected from the store too! Make it a celebration day in our store, we may even have some bubbly ready for the big day!!)

9. You understand that this is an Interest FREE option too!!

10. Your weekly payments, or fortnightly, can be made by phone to the store, or by buying a gift card from our webstore. (You buy the gift card, we get a notification of who you are and add it to your account. this is very handy especially if the store is busy and we can't get to the phone, or you can't call us during business hours)

That's pretty much it, apart from some small T's and C's which our wonderful staff will explain to you.

And remember, not only do we allow part exchange as one or all of your deposits, we actively encourage it! So have a look at the bags/accessories that you currently don't use, and unlock the value in them! 


Contact us at Designer Exchange, Dawson St. by phone at 01 6128080, by email at

Join the revolution today! It's possible, it's here and it's amazing!